Hiring a Dependable Moving Company

December 19, 2017 Comments Off

If you’ve ever moved, you know that it can be a stressful, tedious, and expensive process. Hiring a moving company that you can depend on can make all the difference. I recently helped friends move to a new home in Charleston. They researched a few different moving companies in Charleston, SC, and one stood out above all others: Smith Dray Line. From start to finish, working with Smith Dray Line Movers of Charleston was a breeze. Their customer service team was excellent, and my friend got a quote in minutes. The pricing was straightforward and affordable, and there was no charge for the consultation. On the day of the move, the movers arrived on-time and got to work immediately–quickly but carefully packing and loading my friends’ belongings into their moving truck. I was amazed at how quickly they were able to move a three-bedroom home!               Once everything was in the truck, they drove across town to the new house. They unloaded the truck with care and delivered everything into the correct rooms. They were so organized! You could really tell that these guys were professionals, and didn’t cut any corners. I’ve heard horror …

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Finding the Right Home Builder

February 29, 2016 Comments Off

Building your own home can be both extremely overwhelming and blissfully rewarding. Of course, the goal is to make sure the latter is most prevalent. There are certain ways you can be sure of this; the most important being choosing the right home builder for the job. With so many builders available, it’s hard to know whether or not you’ve found the right one. As we know this can be a daunting task, we’ve put together a small list of steps you can take in order to make sure you hire the right guy for the job: 1). Know what you want. Before even shopping around for a builder, make sure you have your own checklist of “must-have’s” written down and know the look you’re going for. The clearer your vision, the easier a time you’ll have finding the right builder. You can use this vision as a type of weeding out process. For example, if you know you want a rustic cabin type home, then you know the guy who’s only built contemporary homes is probably not the guy for you. Taking time on this step will save you a great deal of time in the long-run. 2). Create …

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Get Your Home Ready for Spring

February 4, 2016 Comments Off

Spring is near. And that means spring cleaning is too. But this spring, we wanted to give you a couple of ways to spruce up your home without all the hassle. Rather than just cleaning and clearing your home, why not really give it the necessary maintenance it deserves? You’ll be happy in your like-new home. You would be surprised how incredibly far painting doors, frames and baseboards goes. This is the most time consuming of all the tips by far, but we had to add it anyways because of the absolute difference it makes. So much so we listed it as our first word of advice! Usually, the fading of baseboard paint goes unnoticed because of how subtly it changes. But once you put on that first coat of pure, white primer on over it, you quickly realize just how bad they’d actually gotten. Because of how long it takes to really make a difference, this is not a yearly project. We usually recommend touching up or at least checking in every 3 years. And our favorite type of paint is a white semi-gloss. For kitchen and bathroom, there’s also mildew protection paint that does wonders!               …

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Tree Service for Your Home

February 2, 2016 Comments Off

There are infinite ways to improve the aesthetics of your home. And while we often get caught up on sprucing up the inside, it’s important to remember that what others see first is the outside of our house. Curb appeal can so easily add or detract from your property value, making it an incredibly important aspect to your overall home design. One of the best and most simple ways to improve your home’s outside appearance is through the use of a tree service. Especially if you’ve lived in the same home for a while, branches can become invasive without us even realizing it. As slow as trees take to grow, it’s not uncommon to wake up one day and realize that your entire house is hidden in branches and blossoms. Or perhaps there’s a large trunk from a fallen tree that’s been in your backyard for years now. You may no longer notice it, but you better believe your visitors and new neighbors still will. Regardless of the tree trouble, you can be sure to find a good company in your area that can help you manage it. Most companies will offer tree and stump removal and branch trimming at the very …

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Nothing Brightens Up A Room Like New Flooring

June 10, 2015 Comments Off

We recently had the floor replaced on the first level, and it has really made a difference! You can easily forget how well a nice floor can tie your room, design and decor together. We went for a solid hardwood, nail-down installation and the result is just beautiful! Josh over at Flooring Greenville SC came out and gave us some really great ideas. Once we picked the hardwood species type and sound deadening material, Josh put together a really fair estimate for us. I was so happy with him and the way he works, we didn’t really get many competitive bids, just one other quote. The job went very well, surprisingly so, since contractors’ promises and the end result don’t always line up. However, the wood and materials arrived on time, and Josh and his crew got to work right away. Ripping up the old floor covering was rather dirty and dusty, so we vacated the premises that afternoon. Everything was gone and ready to be prepped for the new floor by that night, so it was nice to be able to breathe easily after the tear-out was completed. A few days later, we ended up with a magnificent new …

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Seven Signs That You Need HVAC Repair in Greenville

February 18, 2015 Comments Off

We recently had to have our HVAC system repaired, and we learned a few things along the way. Here are a few things that can let you know to service your system before it completely quits working. 1. Age of Unit The typical life-span of a common residential furnace is about 15 years old. If your heating unit is reaching or has exceeded its life expectancy, it’s time for an upgrade. With an upgrade, not only can you prevent unforeseeable repairs, however you’ll likewise be increasing the energy efficiency in your home by upgrading to a brand-new, energy-saving model. 2. Higher Heating and Cooling Bills Old or poorly working furnaces and a/c units can have a major impact on your home’s heating and cooling bill. If you have actually seen an unexpected boost in your utility costs, it could be due to an inefficient heating unit. As the internal parts wear down, your system has to work harder and longer to produce the exact same quantity of heat. 3. Strange Noises While it’s normal for your furnace to make some sound, the noise ought to not be loud or extremely pronounced. Strange noises may consist of banging, thumping, or squeaking …

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Coffee Table – Fabulous Furniture Choice for Your Home Aesthetics

November 2, 2014 1 Comment
Coffee Table

Furniture plays a critical role in improving the functionality and aesthetics of your home. There are so many furniture that can really do wonder for your home improvement. Coffee table is one of the furniture types – that should be part of your home improvement strategy. A single coffee table can add a lot in improving your living room ambience. It can be both a functional and an aesthetical addition to your home. Now let us look into some tips that help you choose the right coffee table. Size matters a Lot The size of the coffee table should be chosen proportionately to the room size. The typical purpose of the coffee table is to provide a convenient space to store coffee cups during a serving session. It can be greatly helpful when you are serving snacks and drinks to your guests. If you are choosing a big sized coffee table, it would eat up your valuable space and can make your room look very cramped. On the other hand, if you are choosing a very small coffee table, you may not have enough space for holding more number of cups or dishes. So, you need to calculate the size …

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Improving Your Home with Good Painting Job

June 8, 2014 Comments Off
Home with good painting

Painting is the most basic and important home improvement activity. It doesn’t matter whether you own a small home or big bungalow, it should have the right paint that makes it stand out from the rest. As old paint chips or flakes after a few years, you need to repaint your home to restore its good look. Painting your home should be done with lot of consideration to achieve best results. Shared below are some suggestions that help you get the best painting job done for your home. Focus on Exteriors Most people, who show lot of interest and consideration in painting their home interior, fail to pay little attention on the exteriors. You should remember that it is the home’s exterior that creates the first and best impression about the property. If the exterior paint finish is stained, chipped or flaked, then your home will bear a dull and worn out look, which will not attract the potential buyer or tenant, if you want to sell or lease it out. Therefore, if you want to improve your home in terms of aesthetic and property value, you should give due importance to choosing the right paint job for your home …

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5 Simple Lighting Ideas For A Brighter Home

April 9, 2014 Comments Off
Lighting Ideas

Every home requires good lighting. With proper lighting, your home becomes usable during nighttime or during low light conditions. Lights can be a great tool in improving the ambience of a home. With proper lighting fixture, you can drastically improve your home without spending too much time and money like other home improvement projects. Given below are some lighting ideas that can make your home brighter and smarter. Lighting Ideas for the Living Room Your living room should be bright enough for a welcoming ambience. If your living room looks darker even after the lights are turned on, then you should install more lamps. Instead of fixing a higher watt bulb at one end, you can use multiple lesser watts bulbs spread across your room. Fixing multiple lights in a room keeps your living room evenly lighted and gives more visibility. Lighting Ideas for the Bathroom In most homes, bathrooms are not sufficiently lighted. Bathrooms need to be sufficiently lighted and should be highly visible like all other rooms of a home. To increase the efficiency of your lighting, you can add a mirror very adjacent to your bathroom lighting fixture. This may or may not need the help of …

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Garage Conversion How-To

February 12, 2014 Comments Off

Garage nowadays have turned our houses into wastage stores where we dump all our junk and items that we rarely use. This leads to wasted space. Wasted space often leads to less productiveness. With space getting scarce and expensive by the day, a garage conversion could be a really efficient way to create space for your home business office. It is obvious that most houses may not have enough space on the outside for the construction of extended facilities such as conservatories making garage conversions the next ideal space to convert into a home business office add things like bi fold doors newcastle into the mix for a real contemporary working space. There are obviously a few challenges that may come about garage conversions and such include ways on how to get rid of the junk and cleaning and making ready the space for the establishment of an office. Creativity is key while converting your garage into an office as you have to put a few factors into consideration. You may want to consider: Selling or auctioning off your junk One effective way of clearing out your garage is definitely selling the junk in your garage. You can hold a …

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