5 Simple Lighting Ideas For A Brighter Home

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Lighting Ideas

Every home requires good lighting. With proper lighting, your home becomes usable during nighttime or during low light conditions. Lights can be a great tool in improving the ambience of a home. With proper lighting fixture, you can drastically improve your home without spending too much time and money like other home improvement projects. Given below are some lighting ideas that can make your home brighter and smarter.

Lighting Ideas for the Living Room
Your living room should be bright enough for a welcoming ambience. If your living room looks darker even after the lights are turned on, then you should install more lamps. Instead of fixing a higher watt bulb at one end, you can use multiple lesser watts bulbs spread across your room. Fixing multiple lights in a room keeps your living room evenly lighted and gives more visibility.

Lighting Ideas for the Bathroom
In most homes, bathrooms are not sufficiently lighted. Bathrooms need to be sufficiently lighted and should be highly visible like all other rooms of a home. To increase the efficiency of your lighting, you can add a mirror very adjacent to your bathroom lighting fixture. This may or may not need the help of an electrician.

Lighting Ideas for the Kitchen
Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. In order to improve the efficiency of your kitchen space, you need to have appropriate lights fixed in the right place. Fixing ceiling lights exactly on top of the work table or sink area makes your kitchen space easy to work. Frosted globe lights are widely recommended for kitchens as they don’t glare your eyes as your work inside the kitchen.

Lighting Ideas for the Bedroom
Your bedroom can have different types of lightings to match your taste and preferences. You can have soft lights that can lift the spirit or atmosphere of your bedroom or you can choose to have bright lights, which will help when you want to use your bedroom for other activities like socializing, entertainment, etc. There are many lighting fixtures available for bedroom. Just find out which one suits your bedroom the best.

Lighting up your Home Exteriors
You should also think about lighting your home exteriors such as front yard, backyard and patios. Installing exterior or garden lights require more planning and care. This is because, exterior lighting may to deal with abuse from weather, rain and dust, and hence it becomes a necessity that such lights are installed in a weatherproof setting. It is recommended to hire a skilled electrician to handle such lighting jobs rather than doing it on your own.

The color of the lights should be chosen in such a way that it complements your wall color and other interior décor. There are so many beautiful and trendy light fixtures available to decorate your home. Some of the popular lighting fixtures are recessed, ceiling, pendants, wall and utility fixtures.

To reduce the operational cost and environment hazards in using lights, I would recommend you to use compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) instead of traditional bulbs. Although the CFL lights are quite expensive, they can save electricity and are environmental friendly. Just keep these points in mind before installing or planning to improvise your house lighting.

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