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Get Your Home Ready for Spring

February 4, 2016 Comments Off

Spring is near. And that means spring cleaning is too. But this spring, we wanted to give you a couple of ways to spruce up your home without all the hassle. Rather than just cleaning and clearing your home, why not really give it the necessary maintenance it deserves? You’ll be happy in your like-new home. You would be surprised how incredibly far painting doors, frames and baseboards goes. This is the most time consuming of all the tips by far, but we had to add it anyways because of the absolute difference it makes. So much so we listed it as our first word of advice! Usually, the fading of baseboard paint goes unnoticed because of how subtly it changes. But once you put on that first coat of pure, white primer on over it, you quickly realize just how bad they’d actually gotten. Because of how long it takes to really make a difference, this is not a yearly project. We usually recommend touching up or at least checking in every 3 years. And our favorite type of paint is a white semi-gloss. For kitchen and bathroom, there’s also mildew protection paint that does wonders!               …

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Tree Service for Your Home

February 2, 2016 Comments Off

There are infinite ways to improve the aesthetics of your home. And while we often get caught up on sprucing up the inside, it’s important to remember that what others see first is the outside of our house. Curb appeal can so easily add or detract from your property value, making it an incredibly important aspect to your overall home design. One of the best and most simple ways to improve your home’s outside appearance is through the use of a tree service. Especially if you’ve lived in the same home for a while, branches can become invasive without us even realizing it. As slow as trees take to grow, it’s not uncommon to wake up one day and realize that your entire house is hidden in branches and blossoms. Or perhaps there’s a large trunk from a fallen tree that’s been in your backyard for years now. You may no longer notice it, but you better believe your visitors and new neighbors still will. Regardless of the tree trouble, you can be sure to find a good company in your area that can help you manage it. Most companies will offer tree and stump removal and branch trimming at the very …

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Coffee Table – Fabulous Furniture Choice for Your Home Aesthetics

November 2, 2014 1 Comment
Coffee Table

Furniture plays a critical role in improving the functionality and aesthetics of your home. There are so many furniture that can really do wonder for your home improvement. Coffee table is one of the furniture types – that should be part of your home improvement strategy. A single coffee table can add a lot in improving your living room ambience. It can be both a functional and an aesthetical addition to your home. Now let us look into some tips that help you choose the right coffee table. Size matters a Lot The size of the coffee table should be chosen proportionately to the room size. The typical purpose of the coffee table is to provide a convenient space to store coffee cups during a serving session. It can be greatly helpful when you are serving snacks and drinks to your guests. If you are choosing a big sized coffee table, it would eat up your valuable space and can make your room look very cramped. On the other hand, if you are choosing a very small coffee table, you may not have enough space for holding more number of cups or dishes. So, you need to calculate the size …

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