Nothing Brightens Up A Room Like New Flooring

June 10, 2015 Comments Off

hardwood_flooringWe recently had the floor replaced on the first level, and it has really made a difference! You can easily forget how well a nice floor can tie your room, design and decor together. We went for a solid hardwood, nail-down installation and the result is just beautiful!

Josh over at Flooring Greenville SC came out and gave us some really great ideas. Once we picked the hardwood species type and sound deadening material, Josh put together a really fair estimate for us. I was so happy with him and the way he works, we didn’t really get many competitive bids, just one other quote.

The job went very well, surprisingly so, since contractors’ promises and the end result don’t always line up. However, the wood and materials arrived on time, and Josh and his crew got to work right away. Ripping up the old floor covering was rather dirty and dusty, so we vacated the premises that afternoon. Everything was gone and ready to be prepped for the new floor by that night, so it was nice to be able to breathe easily after the tear-out was completed.

A few days later, we ended up with a magnificent new floor, which made our whole house look richer and deeper in color, contrast and class. I can’t stress enough how much the flooring made a difference. We have done a lot of work and upgrades to our home over these last couple of years, and I think this one takes the cake.

A couple of things we learned in the process, I would like to share in hopes it will help my readers when considering a new floor for their home.

1) Pick the correct style of wood. You can’t use nail-down type wood on a concrete slab, and if you are below grade, your selection is even more limited. However, some really durable laminates are coming from various manufacturers, that look just as good as the solid hardwoods. Your flooring contractor can help you make the right decision.

2) Determine the best species and finish for your home and floor plan. Some homes need to be brightened up, and a lighter wood with nice satin finish can really help accomplish this. Other homes with lots of natural and electrical lighting might need a darker species, and maybe a glossier finish. Patterns in the wood grain can make a huge difference as well, depending on the room and its usage.

3) Finally, and to me, most importantly, find a solid, reliable and experienced flooring contractor for your job. There is real comfort knowing the people working on your home know what they are doing, don’t cut any corners, and guarantee that you will be satisfied with their work and materials. I highly recommend giving Josh a call if you need quality hardwood or any other type of flooring.

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