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Seven Signs That You Need HVAC Repair in Greenville

February 18, 2015 Comments Off

We recently had to have our HVAC system repaired, and we learned a few things along the way. Here are a few things that can let you know to service your system before it completely quits working. 1. Age of Unit The typical life-span of a common residential furnace is about 15 years old. If your heating unit is reaching or has exceeded its life expectancy, it’s time for an upgrade. With an upgrade, not only can you prevent unforeseeable repairs, however you’ll likewise be increasing the energy efficiency in your home by upgrading to a brand-new, energy-saving model. 2. Higher Heating and Cooling Bills Old or poorly working furnaces and a/c units can have a major impact on your home’s heating and cooling bill. If you have actually seen an unexpected boost in your utility costs, it could be due to an inefficient heating unit. As the internal parts wear down, your system has to work harder and longer to produce the exact same quantity of heat. 3. Strange Noises While it’s normal for your furnace to make some sound, the noise ought to not be loud or extremely pronounced. Strange noises may consist of banging, thumping, or squeaking …

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