Get Your Home Ready for Spring

February 4, 2016 Comments Off

Spring is near. And that means spring cleaning is too. But this spring, we wanted to give you a couple of ways to spruce up your home without all the hassle. Rather than just cleaning and clearing your home, why not really give it the necessary maintenance it deserves? You’ll be happy in your like-new home.

You would be surprised how incredibly far painting doors, frames and baseboards goes. This is the most time consuming of all the tips by far, but we had to add it anyways because of the absolute difference it makes. So much so we listed it as our first word of advice! Usually, the fading of baseboard paint goes unnoticed because of how subtly it changes. But once you put on that first coat of pure, white primer on over it, you quickly realize just how bad they’d actually gotten. Because of how long it takes to really make a difference, this is not a yearly project. We usually recommend touching up or at least checking in every 3 years. And our favorite type of paint is a white semi-gloss. For kitchen and bathroom, there’s also mildew protection paint that does wonders!









The next thing that will surely be necessary is to change out your air filters. According to Energy Star, you should change your filters every one to three months. The frequency will depend on the type of air filters you’re using as well as how often you use your air conditioning. However, unless you just replaced it in the last 2 weeks, you should go ahead and replace it again for Spring season. The allergies aren’t worth saving a couple extra dollars.

Finding a way to keep the warmer weather out in order to save money, and to protect yourself from pollen and other allergies that arise this time of year, can be a great, small investment. One of the best ways to do this is by getting vinyl or rubber weather strips or foam tape and placing the around all of the doors and windows. The best part about this fix is it’s useful year round as it will also keep out the drafts once winter rolls back around.

All of these are small fixes that will make immediate difference!